The Kitchen

Cooking equipment


12" 24" 36" 48" and custom sizes available.


16" Deep well

Vertical Broiler

Counter top, perfect for cooking Gyros, Shawarma, and Tacos Al Pastor


12" 24" 36" 48" and custom sizes available.


Available in double (4)

Stock pot burner

18" Ideal for over sized pots. Used for carnitas, menudo, tamales.

Steam table

Used to keep food hot. Available in 2, 3, and 4 holding wells.

Specialty Equipment

Equipment to cater your kitchen needs. Contact for more info.

Refrigeration equipment

Reach-in Refrigerator

Available in single door, double door and frezer/fridge combo.

Salad prep refrigerator

Used to keep refrigerated food/topings cold. Cold storage underneath as well. Available in 27" 48" 60" 72"

Display refrigerator

Ideal for displaying beverages, and prepackaged cold food. Gives a great look to any truck. Various styles and sizes available.

Under-counter refrigerator

Save space by adding a under-counter refrigerator or freezer. Various styles and sizes available

Quality equipment